Steps to your SuisseID


To unblock your SuisseID, please ensure the following points are met:

  • The SuisseID is connected to the computer and active
  • The latest SuisseID Assistant has been installed


Login certificate blocked, password (PIN) forgotten

Start the SuisseID Assistant:

  • Under Windows: Start-> All programs -> Applications Post -> Post SuisseID -> SuisseID Assistant
  • Under Mac: Applications -> SuisseID Assistant
  • Under Linux: Applications -> System Tools -> SwissSign Certificate Initialization
  • SwissStick: Menu System -> Post SuisseID Status
SuisseID Assistant post-suisseid-startinit2-en
Fig.1: Windows
Fig.2: SwissStick

The PUK code enables you to make 3 further attempts to enter your password (PIN).
Enter your PUK code from your PIN page (example: fig. 3) and then your password (PIN).




After 3 attempts your qualified certificate will be blocked.
Now you can define a new password (PIN) in the field PIN/password.
The following message appears about successfully unblocking your login certificate (fig. 4).




You will find further information in the FAQ.

SuisseID is a registered trademark of SwissSign AG.