Steps to your SuisseID


To unblock your SuisseID, please ensure the following points are met:

  • The SuisseID is connected to the computer and active
  • The latest SuisseID Assistant has been installed


Qualified certificate blocked, password (PIN) forgotten

For security reasons the qualified certificate cannot be unblocked. However, you can continue to use the login certificate.

Start the SuisseID Assistant:

  • Under Windows: Start-> All programs -> Applications Post -> Post SuisseID -> SuisseID Assistant
  • Under Mac: Applications -> SuisseID Assistant
  • Under Linux: Applications -> System Tools -> SwissSign Certificate Initialization
  • SwissStick: Menu System -> Post SuisseID Status
SuisseID Assistant post-suisseid-startinit2-en
Fig.1: Windows
Fig.2: SwissStick

Now in this case the following dialogue appears (fig. 3):




So you can define a new password (PIN) for the login certificate the login certificate also has to be blocked first, for example by entering the code incorrectly 3 times in a browser.

After restarting SuisseID you can now set a new password (PIN) according to fig. 4+5.







You will find further information in the FAQ.

SuisseID is a registered trademark of SwissSign AG.