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Online service providers

Information about the integration of the SuisseID into the systems is available if you click on the icon in the right column.

Within the context of the new-generation SuisseID, a collective identity provider service (IdP) is being made available to you.

This will bring simplifications for application providers. For example, these will only have to implement one IdP service, instead of the several that were previously required. Technical features have been streamlined, and there is now only one technical hotline. The new generation also brings simplifications for SuisseID users. In future, for example, the IdP will no longer need to be selected during login – the entire handling has been made more consistent and simpler.

(IdP integration guide)



Certificate login

 Generic Information infos
apacheApache Weitere Informationen
iisMicrosoft IIS Weitere Informationen
windowsWindows Login  Weitere Informationen
terminalserverRemote Desktop Services Weitere Informationen
citrixCitrix XenApp
 Weitere Informationen
sapguiSAP GUI Weitere Informationen

Service Provider / Identity Provider (IDP)

 Generic Information infos
sdkSuisseID SDK / Java Weitere Informationen
sdkSuisseID SDK / .NETWeitere Informationen
googleappsGoogle AppsWeitere Informationen
simplesamlphpSimpleSAMLphpWeitere Informationen
sapSAPWeitere Informationen


windows_remotedesktopCitrix XenApp / Windows Remote Desktop
psid_softwareSuisseID Software

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