Steps to your SuisseID

Firefox: Click “Firefox” in the top left corner and open the «Options». In the Options window select the «Security» button. Under «Saved Passwords» you can go to all login data stored in Firefox. Now just click «Show Passwords» to see the full saved logins.

Google Chrome: Open Chrome on your computer and, in the top right, click the icon «More» – «Settings» – «Show advanced settings». Under «Passwords and forms» click «Manage passwords». A dialogue box will appear with a list of saved passwords. In the “Saved passwords” section, select the website and click «Show». Windows and Mac: If you lock your computer with a password, you will be prompted to enter your computer password. The website password will appear.

Safari: Start Safari and open the Preferences by clicking the menu item «Safari» in the top left of the screen and then selecting «Preferences». Click the «Passwords» tab at the top. At the bottom you will now find the option «Show passwords». Select this to show the passwords. If you do not want to show all passwords at once, you can copy certain passwords by right-clicking.

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