Steps to your SuisseID

The secure SuisseID is used in an overall system of person, computer and internet, total control of which is outside the possibilities of a SuisseID. But as a user you can decisively influence the security of this overall system:

  • Person: The Swiss Signature Act demands that you always keep the SuisseID and the password (PIN) stored separately. The SuisseID or the password must never be handed over to third parties. Do not choose a password which is easy to guess. If you suspect abuse, change the password immediately and/or block your SuisseID. In the event of loss of the SuisseID it must be blocked immediately, like a bank or credit card.
  • Computer: Protect your computer with an antivirus program and keep your operating system up to date. You will find further information about this at the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Security of Confederation MELANI.
  • Internet: Visit only websites which you trust. When logging in check for the green display of the link in the browser. Observe the Rules of Conduct of the Confederation regarding careful action when surfing the internet.

If you abide by the rules of conduct and observe the protective measures you will have maximum security when using secure online transactions or communication. This applies for e-banking as much as for the use of the SuisseID.

SuisseID is a registered trademark of SwissSign AG.