Steps to your SuisseID

What is the SuisseID Mobile Service?

The SuisseID Mobile Service expands the possible uses of SuisseID. This means you can also carry out the secure login via mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Or you log in from your normal computer without the USB stick/the chip card having to be connected to the device.

Can I sign with the SuisseID Mobile Service?

No, the SuisseID Mobile Service is basically for securely logging in. But it can access online services which have integrated the SuisseID Signing Service and also sign.

For how long is the SuisseID Mobile Service valid?

The SuisseID Mobile Service is valid for the same period as your existing SuisseID. When your SuisseID is blocked/revoked, you also cancel the SuisseID Mobile Service at the same time.

Is the SuisseID Mobile Service available only for Swiss mobile numbers? Does it also work with prepaid mobile numbers?

The SuisseID Mobile Service ist available for several European countries: Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Italy, Austria – including prepaid mobile numbers.

What does the SuisseID Mobile Service cost?

The SuisseID Mobile Service is included in the price of a SuisseID. 

Can I use the same password as the one for my SuisseID?

We recommend using different passwords.

I want to log in on my computer with a connected SuisseID but the login screen for the SuisseID Mobile Service appears. Why?

The online service cannot establish a connection to your SuisseID and therefore tries to carry out the login as an alternative via the SuisseID Mobile Service. To log in with SuisseID, please make sure that

  • the USB stick/the chip card is properly connected to the computer
  • the USB slot in which the USB stick is connected is working
  • the SuisseID in the form of a SIM card is properly inserted in the USB stick/in the chip card

Close all windows of your browser and try again.

I cannot access the SuisseID Mobile Service from my iPhone/iPad. Why is this?

Make sure you have enabled cookies in Safari. You need to proceed as follows here:

  • Open the settings and scroll down a little to the item «Safari».
  • Select «Accept Cookies».
  • Then choose either «Only from sites I visit» or «Always».

It is recommended to accept cookies only for sites you visit.

My SuisseID Mobile Service is blocked. What can I do?

You can log in with your SuisseID via the management portal and reactivate the service.

SuisseID is a registered trademark of SwissSign AG.