Steps to your SuisseID

The payment was interrupted when ordering using a credit card or PostFinance Card. What can I do?

The order was not successful. Your card has not been charged. Please try again.

I’ve bought a SuisseID. Are there any additional costs involved after purchasing the SuisseID, do I need something else to get the SuisseID? Will I need to pay further fees?

No. A voucher for a Yellow Identification is now included in the purchase price of a SuisseID. Present the voucher at when you visit an identity checkpoint and the identification will be performed free of charge.

I sent my application a few days ago and have not received anything yet. Is that normal?

Your application for a SuisseID is carefully checked so this takes at least 48 hours – and with great demand up to five working days. If this period has already elapsed, please contact our customer service department. Please note that you will receive two letters: the first contains your SuisseID, the second your TIN/PUK sheet (generally one day later).

My idendity card/my passport recently expired. Can I still order SuisseID?

No, please obtain a valid identity document first.

Can I continue to use the initialisation password (TIN) unchanged?

No, the Swiss Federal Act on Electronic Signatures (ZertES) stipulates that you must choose your own password (PIN) which is different from the initialisation password (TIN). After the change, the initialisation password (TIN) cannot and must not be used ever again.

What do I need the PUK and the TIN for?

You need the TIN to initialize your SuisseID. With the help of the PUK you can block/revoke your SuisseID in the event of loss or theft in order to prevent misuse. With the PUK you can also unblock a blocked authentication certificate. Therefore please keep the TIN/PUK sheet in a safe place.

An error occurred during initial operation. What should I do?

If the initialization is interrupted when loading, you will receive a new verification e-mail. Click on the link contained in the e-mail and confirm the information which is displayed. Restart the SuisseID Assistant and repeat the initialization, and here only the previously set password (PIN) must be entered now. Then click on «Execute».

Do I need to have administrator rights on my computer to install the SuisseID Assistant?

Administrator rights are required for the SuisseID Assistant.

I have problems installing the SuisseID Assistant. What can I do?

Uninstall the SuisseID Assistant and restart the computer. Install the SuisseID Assistant again. If the problem persists, please contact our customer service department.

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