Steps to your SuisseID

What can I do with a SuisseID?

SuisseID is the Swiss standard for digital identity. With it, people identify themselves definitively online and sign legally valid contracts electronically. It is therefore a digital passport and signature. More details

I do not come from Switzerland. Can I although have a SuisseID?

Yes – for your order you need only a valid passport (subject to changes). Documents such as a residence permit for foreign nationals or a driving licence are not permitted. In addition to a valid passport, we also accept identity cards for some countries. Please check the permitted identification documents and identity checkpoints.

Is a signature with SuisseID legally valid?

Yes. Signatures with SuisseID are legally valid according to Art. 14 Para. 2bis of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

Can I also make legally valid signatures with my SuisseID in Liechtenstein?

Yes. According to Art. 24 of the law on electronic signatures Liechtenstein considers qualified certificates of providers from contracting states of the EEA Agreement or Switzerland as equivalent to Liechtenstein certificates. SuisseID is based on certificates which were issued by SwissSign Ltd with headquarters in Glattbrugg. An electronic signature with SuisseID is therefore also legally valid in Liechtenstein.

Can I sign from afar without any connected SuisseID?

Yes – with the Multi Signing Service you sign PDF documents easily online and invite other recipients to add a signature. You can test the Multi Signing Service as a beta version for free here. Therefore the SuisseID Mobile Service has to be activated.

Can SuisseID sign VAT-compliant documents?

Yes – qualified certificates fulfil the requirements of the Ordinance of the Swiss Federal Department of Finance on Electronic Data and Information (OElDI) and theCompany Accounts Decree GeBüV. Individual invoices can therefore also be signed in a VAT-compliant manner. However, for the automated use of VAT-compliant documents we recommend the Organisation certificate of SwissSign.

Does the timestamp affect the legal validity of an electronic signature?

Yes – the time stamp will become obligatory where a qualified electronic signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature to comply with the written form. This applies for all signatures since 1st january 2017. More information can be found in the Swiss Federal Act on Electronic Signatures (ZertES).

Is SuisseID also available to download as a software certificate?

No – the Swiss Federal Act on Electronic Signatures (ZertES) stipulates that qualified certificates have to be delivered on a USB stick or a smart card.

Can SuisseID be used as a server version by all of my employees?

No – a SuisseID is personal and can be used by only one user.

Can I encrypt with SuisseID?

No, the SuisseID does not contain an encryption certificate. For encrypted and secure e-mail communication Swiss Post recommends the use of IncaMail.

How does SuisseID differ from SwissID?

SwissID is a service from SwissSign Group AG, a joint venture of state-affiliated businesses, financial institutions, insurance and health insurance companies. SwissID is not replacing SuisseID, which was launched in 2010, this will continue to exist as a product. Nothing is changing for SuisseID users, they can continue to use their SuisseID to the full extent. When developing SwissID, however, the experiences gained with SuisseID have been used. The service will be gradually set up – in the medium term SuisseID will be merged into SwissID.

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